Nintendo Direct Confirms Mario's Hat Has a Sister, Plus New Hardware Bundle Incoming

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As part of tonight’s Nintendo Direct broadcast, we learned a bunch of new information about Super Mario Odyssey, which is now only six weeks away from launch.

Speculated on by many over the past few weeks, we got a confirmation that Princess Peach’s in-game crown is also alive. Named Tiara, she’s the sister of Mario’s hat Cappy, which raises questions about gender and sexual reproduction within a species of living hats.

Speaking during the direct, game director Yoshiaki Koizumi detailed a number of additional worlds from Mario Odyssey, with the full list of revealed worlds now including Snow Kingdom, Seaside Kingdom, Luncheon Kingdom, Wooded Kingdom, Cap Kingdom, Metro Kingdom, and the Cascade Kingdom. It was suggested that more kingdoms will be shown closer to launch.

During the direct, we also got an idea of how many moons there are to collect. New Donk City has more than 50 moons, for example, many more than are needed to progress on to the next world – and if that figure holds true for all of them, it suggests a huge amount of collectables to find.

We also got a look at some accessibility features in game for those looking for help getting through the game. In each world you can find Talkatoo, a hint parrot who gives advice on getting moons, a hint Toad who will charge coins for advice, as well as an amiibo robot which can also unlock tips for players. Odyssey will feature a number of minigames like koopa racing which will feature worldwide online in game leaderboard support.

Perhaps the most delightful feature is that a button is at all times mapped to a photo mode, where players can pause the action, rotate the camera, add filters and save snapshots of your adventures.

Mario Odyssey launches October 27th, and will be available as part of a Switch bundle including the game, a console, and a pair of Mario red Joy-Cons.