Splatoon 2 Data-miners Uncover Evidence of a New Ranked Rocket Mode

By Matt Wales on at

Nobody loves a fiddle as much as a data-miner, and for that we should all be thankful. Especially to the ones fond of fiddling around inside Splatoon 2, because I'm an impatient sort and need to know all of Nintendo's top secret future plans now. And according to the latest round of cheeky data-peeking, those plans could include a new rocket-based Ranked mode, and more.

All ranked modes in Splatoon 2 are given names within the game's code that begin with a 'v' for 'victory'. The latest data-miner discovery is labelled 'vrc'—an abbreviation, it seems, for 'victory rocket', given its association with a bunch of other rocket-based labels, such as 'VictoryRocketNozzle'. And while there's no way of knowing what such a mode might entail for sure, data-miners have at least picked up a few clues.

It appears that the aforementioned 'VictoryRocketNozzle' is a special mode-specific weapon (kind of like the RainMaker), and is shown in the testing stage above to be floating in mid-air. This, it's speculated, could be used in conjunction with the non-specific target nodes scattered across the map. Beyond that, I can only shrug politely and point you toward the Reddit thread on the matter.

Elsewhere, clues suggest another, possibly scrapped, Ranked mode, known as 'VictoryBall'—potentially involving balloons, potentially not. There's also yet more evidence buried deep within Splatoon 2 that playable Octolings—a feature oft-requested by fans—are, or at least were, something intended for the sequel.

Previously, data-miners had located a suspicious 'OctBoy' label, paired with a more generic 'Oct' one. It's now been confirmed that the latter is actually 'OctGirl', and that both labels are definitely part of code pointing to playable Octoling characters. A few hair models for the 'OctBoy' and 'OctGirl' character have also been unearthed, piquing curiosity further.

Of course, the usual caveat applies here: all of this information has been garnered by fishing around inside Nintendo's code in an unofficial capacity. As such, there's no way of knowing for sure what the company's ultimate plans are. Some of this may eventually see the light of day, some may not. Tentacles cross though, eh?