"Nothing Has Really Been Decided" for Final Fantasy 15 on Switch

By Matt Wales on at

Not so long ago, Final Fantasy 15 director Hajime Tabata dropped some hilariously unsubtle hints that Switch players might soon be able to enjoy the glistening rock-hard abs and road-tripping adventures of Noctis, Ignis, Gladiolus, and Prompto on Nintendo's latest console. However, Tabata has now suggested that a Switch version isn't quite the dead-cert that some people may have surmised. From, you know, his words.

Speaking to DualShockers Tabata explained that, while the Final Fantasy 15 team has been definitely experimenting with Switch, initial tests with the game's Luminous Engine suggested that, "we can’t bring out the most of our engine on the platform". As such, says Tabata, "We kind of stopped there for the time being."

That's not to say that a Switch version is off the table — just that more investigation is required. "We didn’t do any optimization with the Luminous Engine," explains Tabata, "we just kind of brought it in to see what it could do. But we also tested a couple of things on Unity and Unreal 4 and we know those ran well on the Switch. So we’re kind of at the point where we understand the technical specifications for the Switch and we will be continuously looking at what we can do for the platform."

Some fans have speculated that the eventual "what we can do", might end up being a Switch port of the recently announced Final Fantasy 15 Pocket Version, which trades the console version's sleek visuals for a more chibi-ised aesthetic. This version, says Tabata, is "geared towards people who have never played the original on consoles. It’s the same experience, just at a faster tempo, quick play sessions, but it’s exactly the same experience you would get on console versions."

Despite the fact that this scaled-down Pocket Version would seem a more natural fit for Switch, Tabata is adamant that, "Nothing has been really decided yet".