Survived By is a Nifty-Looking Bullet-Hell MMO From the Teams Behind Prey and Warframe

By Matt Wales on at

High on my 'things that look neat' list for today (I compile one everyday, and mostly it just has 'the soft, comforting allure of my beautiful bed' on it) is the newly announced Survived By.

It's a collaborative effort between developer Human Head Studios and Digital Extremes of Prey (the original one) and Warframe fame respectively and is a kind of retro-styled, roguelite, bullet-hell-flavoured MMO RPG. Which accounts for at least three of my favourite things, all ticked off in one go.

Survived By promises crafting, looting, battling, dungeoning raiding, and several different classes (Alchemist, Harbinger, Infiltrator, Sentinel, Geomancer, and a Druid to begin with) to be enjoyed by up to 100 players side-by-side. And there's even a form of permadeath, albeit with a Rogue Legacy-like twist.

"Every time a player dies," explains the official blurb, "they’re survived by a new descendant who carries a small part of their legacy with them. These legacies provide benefits such as new buffs and stat boosts. With each successive play-through, players can select different survivors to experience a new way to defeat the hardest dungeons and bosses of Heartland." You can what some of that looks like in the video above, and there are a few more details below.

  • Bullet Hell Ballistics: Players craft and wield increasing deadly weapons that can provide tactical options tailored to the character class they select. They’ll arm themselves with a combination of magic, steel, and special abilities to fend off enemies while artfully skirting their damaging spray.
  • Gorgeous Pixel-Art World: Team up with friends and others to explore a huge beautifully rendered pixel-art world. Gear up and journey together with friends to crush enemies, raid dungeons, and trade items in a vast, diverse landscape with many in-game achievements and challenges, and hundreds of hours of gameplay.
  • Craft Weapons to Slay the Hordes: Players craft and wield powerful projectile weapons as they confront an array of Beasts (hostile and aggressive creatures), Infernals (fiery forces of indiscriminate destruction), Furies (invasive nightmares that corrupt anything they touch), Spirits (natural disasters made manifest), and more on their journey.

Sadly, there doesn't seem to be a whole lot more information about Survived By at present, other than the fact that it'll be free-to-play (the team stresses that "every item in the game can be earned for free without paying", on this point), and that you can sign up to express your interest in the forthcoming closed alpha.