Surreal Road Trip Adventure Kentucky Route Zero is Coming to Consoles Early Next Year

By Matt Wales on at

Developer Cardboard Computer's wonderfully surreal, beautifully minimalist road trip adventure Kentucky Route Zero has been simmering along nicely since its episodic release schedule began on PC back in 2013. And now, four years later, it's only one episode shy of its full, five-episode deck. That's slow going, for sure, but the careful labours have been worth it as console owners will soon discover.

Kentucky Route Zero: TV Edition, as the newly announced console release will be known, is coming to Switch, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, "early 2018". It's being produced by Annapurna Interactive, and should arrive around the same time that Kentucky Route Zero's very-long-awaited fifth and final episode materialises on PC.

The new TV Edition will offer some currently unspecified "nice enhancements" on console, and these will be ported back to the PC release. "The two versions are basically identical other than the platforms they run on," notes Cardboard People, "Wanted to make sure we were clear with you all about that!" There will even be French, Italian, German, Spanish, Latin American Spanish, Japanese, and Korean translations for those cunning linguists in the house.

You should play Kentucky Route Zero, for it is good.