No, Bethesda Isn't Making a Game of Thrones Game

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Over the bank holiday weekend, a rumour surfaced suggesting that Bethesda was working on a Game of Thrones open world RPG. The prospect was tantalising; the giants of open world RPGs making a game about such a well-known franchise. Alas, it turns out it was all a big hoax.

The rumour first popped up when people spotted what appeared to be a Target listing for the game. The listing had no formal name, no box art or game description, but that didn't stop many people assuming it was real and a sign that the game was coming. As it turns out, the page was a spoof URL and not a genuine listing for a future game.

Speaking to Forbes, a Target spokesperson said, "This is not a real product – we’re sorry for any confusion."

Of note, there was also a Rockstar Game of Thrones Target link floating around over the same weekend, so unless both companies are making competing AAA GoT games, it's safe to say that Target is telling the truth here.

Oh well. Maybe one day we will get to roam wild and free across Westeros.