The Xbox One Is Now an Ex-Box

By Laura Kate Dale on at

As of today you cannot buy a new Xbox One from Microsoft. Manufacturing of the original version of the console ceased a few months back, but today marks the day it became officially unavailable. Until today you could order an original Xbox One from Microsoft's online store but, now, you'll be met with an out of stock notice. That's in the UK store – go to the US store and you'll find they've just removed the Xbox One page entirely, like it never happened.

Obviously you'll still find the odd survivor in stores but, essentially, that's it for the OG Xbox. This being Kotaku UK, we thought we'd send it off with the traditional British requiem mass.

The Xbox One is no more. It has ceased to be: expired and gone to meet Seamus Blackley. A stiff! Bereft of life it rests in peace! It's off the twig, it's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off this mortal coil, run up the curtain and joined the bleeding edge of the choir invisible. This is an ex-box!

The end of the original Xbox One feels like one of the final acts in Microsoft's extended back-pedal from what the system was at launch. The most striking example of how fast things change is that both Xbox One S and X lack a Kinect port (adaptors are sold separately for both), meaning today also marks the end of Microsoft's brief but disastrous infatuation with the underperforming camera technology.

Kinect had potential, but in the end so few games showed any of it. Perhaps the same could be said of Xbox One which, in its original concept, at least had a forward-thinking bravery. Microsoft's subsequent strategic retreat seems to have convinced few and confused many, and it feels unlikely that Xbox One X will dramatically alter that picture.

Farewell then, Xbox One. Forza Horizon 3 was alright.