A 3D Revamped Secret of Mana is Heading to PC, PS4, and Vita

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Originally released for the SNES back in 1994, Secret of Mana is a classic RPGs from the early 90s. I've played it through more times than perhaps any other SNES RPG, and so the following trailer has me just a little excited:

Yep, a revamped Secret of Mana remake is coming on February 15th 2018 to PS4, Vita and Steam. The remake will apparently feature reworked music, voice acting, cutscenes, gameplay updates to bring it in line with modern RPGs, and of course, 3D visuals.

While it's not looking like it's going to tax anyone's machines too hard, I am excited for the opportunity to return to one of my favourite RPGs with a fresh coat of paint.

If only it would release one day earlier, on Valentines Day. I could have set some nice candles and had a night in with my love.