Final Fantasy XV Director: 170GB PC Requirement is a "Mistake"

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Yesterday, we reported on a press release put out by Square Enix for Final Fantasy XV on PC, listing the game as requiring a whopping 170GB install to run. At the time we were all shocked, horrified, Chocobo-running for the hills in panic of the space required. As it turns out, our panic may have been for nothing.

Speaking to our sister site Kotaku Australia, Director Hajime Tabata called the 170GB system requirement in the press release "a mistake".

"That was a mistake, actually," Tabata said. "That was a communications mistake — something got put in a memo that really shouldn't have. What that is based on is the specs that we're running the demo on today."

So, the 170GB figure is what it currently takes to install the game on a machine, before optimisation. This isn't confirmation that the final retail version will be drastically smaller, and it may be that Tabata's just trying to move focus away from this. But hey, the guy said it. Final Fantasy XIII takes up 60GB on PC, so XV certainly won't be small.