Switch Gets PayPal, Region-Free Shopping Becomes Easier [UPDATED: Maybe not]

By Laura Kate Dale on at

When the Switch was first revealed to be region-free, both for physical releases and digital storefronts, one of the biggest issues that fast became apparent was adding foreign eShop credit to your account. If you as a UK gamer wanted to purchase a game from the Japanese eShop you either needed a Japanese bank card, or needed to buy Japanese eShop credit from a third party reseller. Well, today that barrier is no more.

Live now on the UK and Japan eShop stores, and expected to hit the rest of the world as the day progresses, you can now use PayPal as a payment method for eShop purchases on the Nintendo Switch.

Support for a popular payment method is good anyway, but the real convenience here should be in making foreign eShop purchases more straightforward. I tested this out this morning by buying a Japanese eShop title, using my UK PayPal account, and it worked — but check our update to the story below. It would be nice if Nintendo ever made these things easy.

Go forth, and await the release of Monster Hunter XX.

[Update: This morning I purchased Atari's Spelunker in order to test the new Paypal functionality, because it was cheap and Japan-only. Subsequently we've received reports that Switch is not letting other users link their overseas eShop accounts to a Paypal UK account and, upon further testing, my overseas profile and UK Paypal are no longer working together. We've contacted Paypal to ask why the service seemed to work across territories for a brief period after launch, but now doesn't.]