Gen 3 Pokémon are Coming to Pokémon Go

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to data miners over at The Siph Road who've been tearing apart the latest update to Pokémon Go, it looks like Gen 3 Pokémon (which means the Pokémon introduced in the GBA titles Pokémon Ruby and Pokémon Sapphire) will soon be on the way to the game.

The latest update contains references to all 135 species of Gen 3 Pokémon, but does not yet include audio data or movesets for any of them. This is the same way that Gen 2 was rolled out, with data for each creature added several weeks before new spawns started to pop up.

Don't expect to stumble on a Chikorita or Treeco tomorrow but perhaps, as summer turns to autumn, we trainers may find a little extra cheer on those grey, blustery days.