The Next Arms Character is... Nunchuk Clown?

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Nintendo has been teasing a new Arms fighter on the game's Japanese Twitter account this week, and it appears to be a sugar-loving clown armed with nunchuks.

The first tweet shows Biff, the Arms commentator, eating a tray of sweet pastry biscuit things, and talking about an incoming new fighter announcement. The food seems a hint at what sort of character they're going to be.

Much more direct was a follow-up tweet, containing a very static-heavy video of the new fighter in action. It's tough to make out details, but they appear to be wearing huge puffy trousers and wielding a pair of nunchucks as opposed to traditional fists.

The Arms Twitter generally teases new fighters pretty close to their reveal and launch, so soon enough we will — probably — be wielding nunchuks with a terrifying painted smile.