Sonic Mania on Switch is Slightly Borked

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Sonic Mania is out, hooray! Unless you've got it on Switch, sadly. According to multiple accounts and our own testing, when playing Sonic Mania on Switch the capture button, home button and power buttons on the system either fail to respond at all, or are very slow to respond. This issue seems to only affect the Switch version, is not happening for every user, and is intermittent even when it does happen.

We tested this in handheld mode and, for all we've been really enjoying our time with Sonic Mania so far, we did experience the issues ourselves. At best the capture, home and power buttons took around four seconds to respond, and at worst they didn't respond at all after multiple presses. We experienced these issues within seconds of opening the game, and they persisted on the title screen, menus, in cutscenes and during gameplay.

Since posting this news story, we've also been flooded by reports of users facing these same issues while docked. Again, the gameplay buttons are apparently unaffected.

All of the movement and gameplay-related buttons respond as you'd expect, so it's not like you can't play the game. But it's a shame the Switch version has these issues, as it's the version I'll be able to put time into playing. We've asked SEGA for comment about when users can expect a fix, and will update when they respond.