Report: Okami HD Heading for Xmas Release on PS4/Xbox One

By Laura Kate Dale on at

According to two independent sources, both verified by Kotaku UK, Capcom is porting Okami to PS4 and Xbox One and it will see release this December.

The evidence we've seen shows that two different European retail chains have recently added Okami HD to their internal upcoming physical releases calendar. Both retail chains are in different parts of the EU, and both list the game as releasing on 12th December 2017. The detail of the physical release is especially interesting, as the 2012 HD release on PS3 was only available as a download in the west (despite the Japanese boxed release featuring multi-region language support).

In the games industry, one should beware of placing too much faith in retail schedules. Not only is the information sometimes inaccurate, but it's relatively easy to fake. Nevertheless, our two sources had similar information, and we verified both as working where they claimed.

Capcom UK is currently dodging our calls and emails, but we've reached out for comment and will update if they respond.

I for one would love an excuse to replay Okami, though — as with everything these days — I'm a bit bummed that it's apparently not getting a Switch port. The touch screen and motion controls would seem like a natural fit. Ah well, Switch or no, who doesn't want to play a game that looks like this?