Step Aside Overwatch, Splatoon 2 is Getting Summer Outfits Too

By Matt Wales on at

Quite why the world of video games has decided that mid-to-late August is the perfect time to start celebrating summer is anyone's guess—but I'm not going to pour too much scorn on wayward calendar events when they bring us such delights as McCree's washboard abs and now, it seems, a whole host of fancy beachwear items for Splatoon 2's always-fashionable squid kids.

Nintendo has revealed that its premier ink-based shooter will be entering into the spirit of the sunny season from tomorrow, August 11th, until Wednesday August 16th—and that a range of items from its Summer Vacation clothing collection will be making an appearance across Inkopolis Square's various stores.

Assuming that the new items are limited to those shown in Nintendo Japan's announcement tweet above, then we're just looking at vaguely more sunshine-appropriate, recoloured versions of existing gear, albeit with potentially different ability allocations.

That, admittedly, is marginally less enthralling than the rubber rings, Bermuda shorts, and water wings I was initially envisaging when I heard the news, but I guess fashion consciousness always wins out against buoyancy in the world of Splatoon 2.