LawBreakers' Steam Player Numbers are Worrying at Launch

By Laura Kate Dale on at

LawBreakers is a lot of fun. Since the game released a few days ago, I've put around six hours into the frantic futuristic first person shooter, and enjoyed my time immensely. The only problem: at times, I'm already having to wait around to find a match. This was a problem during pre-release betas for the game and, at launch, it only seems to be getting worse.

This morning, we learned why finding a match is so tough: the number of people playing seems to be dropping rapidly.

According to GitHyp, LawBreakers' first June Beta peaked at 7,500 concurrent players on Steam. The game's open beta in July saw a high of just 4,500 players despite being open to a wider audience. Since launch, the game has peaked at 3,000 concurrent players and that number is already trending downwards. Even at its peak, LawBreakers failed to break the top 100 games played on Steam.

Considering launch is usually the time an online shooter's playerbase is strongest, this weak start for LawBreakers is a big concern. The game itself is an awful lot of fun online, but that's contingent on there being enough people to play against.