You Can Now Try Ghost Recon: Wildlands for Free (And You Should)

By S. E. Doster on at

You can now play the first five hours of Ghost Recon: Wildlands for free, and you really should consider trying it. The military shooter, Ubisoft’s best-selling game of 2017 so far, combines traditional Ghost Recon stealth tactics with open world co-op shenanigans as you work to dismantle a drug cartel in the Bolivian jungle.

Wildlands offers decent replay value within the main game, but two paid expansions are currently available, and a free PVP mode is coming this fall. Wildlands is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC, but unfortunately the trial is only available on console. (Sorry, PC gamers!)

The trial, accessible from the online stores on PS4 and Xbox One, gives you full access to the main game. After the five-hour window ends, you’ll still keep your progression if you choose to purchase the game. Wildlands is perfect for this trial because the story isn’t linear, so you can choose the mission areas you want to tackle first.

Five hours gives you plenty of time to explore as you will, and you can even play with friends who already own the game. And you really want to play with friends. The AI companions work for solo stealth play, but the most fun you can have is with a squad of friends or fun randoms. Wildlands requires lots of communication to remain stealthy during missions, and things can go hilariously wrong mid-mission. Or maybe you’re a troll and love to sabotage others for a good laugh. The game presents several opportunities to give your friends a hard time in the Bolivian jungle, so you can alert enemy camps and watch them swarm your friends from a safe vantage point.

Ubisoft put a lot of time into the open world. Personally, I enjoy exploring more than killing when playing solo. The AI are pretty boring, but I drag them around the map on Easter Egg hunts, with which Wildlands is loaded. You can find creepy statues and bunkers, or go on wild hunts for witches or a yeti. Seriously, that’s a thing.

So if you haven’t tried Ghost Recon: Wildlands, this is the perfect time to go for a test run. You might even get hooked.