You Can Finally Catch a UK Kangaskhan

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Rejoice, UK Pokémon Go players! If you can't quite justify a 20-hour flight just to be the very best there ever was, the previously Australasian-exclusive (that's Australia, New Zealand and New Guinea) Pokémon, Kangaskhan, can now be caught in the wild in the UK. But only for a limited time. And provided you live in one of a few very specific cities or can visit one of them on short notice. Hey, this is Nintendo we're talking about.

The armoured kangaroo Pokémon — who comes complete with an adorable infant that really should not be on the front lines of combat — can be caught in Belfast, Birmingham, Cardiff, Glasgow, London, and Manchester until some time on 21st August. That gives you a little under two weeks to plan a journey across the land, searching far and wide for this elusive Pokédex entry.

I took a wander around our London offices on my lunch break yesterday and stumbled upon a Kangaskhan within five minutes, so it seems like in central London at least they're spawning regularly around parks and transport hubs.

During this window Unowns (or as the press release calls them, 'Unknowns') are more common as well, which is good because there are 26 forms of the blighters and they are usually near-impossible to find in the wild. I've still not come across one, but some day after work I may just have to wander the streets of the capital asking for directions to the nearest letter-shaped monster spawn point.

God speed, UK trainers. Go make the Professor proud!