Time-Travelling Tactics and Disco-Dancing Spies Are Go as All Walls Must Fall Hits Steam

By Matt Wales on at

All Walls Must Fall sounds brilliant. And it sounds brilliant. Which is why you might be interested to know that it's out on Steam early access today.

Let me explain: on the first point, it has the kind of premise that immediately makes me want to drop everything and check it out. It's a musical tech-noir tactics game — set in a German discotheque, no less — about time-travelling spies. And it's inspired by the likes of X-Com, Syndicate, Rez, Braid, and SUPERHOT. Do you SEE?

All Walls Must Fall takes place in Berlin, 2089, in an alternate-dimension where the Cold War never ended—thanks to the (literally) endless scope for temporal backtracking and one-upmanship inherent in time travel. It's your job to break the loop and end the war, which requires a fairly fascinating-sounding spin on classic top-down strategy.

All Walls Must Fall operates around what it calls "pause-able real-time tactics." Each mission has a clear goal, but is unscripted and procedurally "recombined" to encourage repeated play-throughs. The basic premise is that you're able to stop the game at any time, plot out your actions then unfreeze time to initiate your moves. In a nifty stylistic flourish—and this is where its rhythm elements come into play—everything unfolds in perfectly choreographed time to the pounding disco beat.

Which gets me onto my second point: All Walls Must Fall sounds brilliant too, as you can discover for yourself by taking an ear-gander at the game's floor-stomping soundtrack.

All Walls Must Fall has been out in closed beta for a while now, but today marks its first foray into the public domain via Steam early access. I think it sounds fascinating, so I'll check it out and report back with findings later in the week. Viva la discotheque, eh?