Splatoon 2 Dataminers Uncover New Maps and Goodies, Returning Fan Favourites

By Matt Wales on at

Dataminers, AKA filepokers, AKA spoilernauts, have uncovered a whole bunch of new information about presumably incoming stuff for Splatoon 2, including new maps and a few returning fan-favourites. Needless to say, if you prefer to keep your Splatoon 2 news a surprise, you should shut your eyes now.

I'll cough when you can open them again.

As revealed by valiant riders on the good ship Reddit, sourceprobers have been picking their way through the innards of Splatoon 2's release version 1.1.1 (we're now up to 1.1.2), and have uncovered a treasure trove of currently incomplete bits and bobs. On the apparently-returning-map front are the original Splatoon's Kelp Dome and Blackbelly Skateparktwo of my personal favourites, so I'm obviously thrilled about that. The lack of news on Saltspray Rig, however, makes me weep inky tears.

Meanwhile, the unnamed boat and outdoor skatepark stages previously teased in the Splatoon 2-focused Nintendo Direct have popped up in 1.1.1 in the form of placeholder images, internally titled 'kawa' and 'pillar' respectively. Additionally, two completely new maps, named 'Line' and 'Tunnel', have been referenced. Let the speculation commence!

Elsewhere, it looks like Nintendo is testing the two remaining Salmon Run maps it currently has planned. The names 'Shakehouse' and 'Threepoints' have appeared in version 1.1.1, as have references to a few other Grizzco-related goodies.

There are, for instance, suggestions that the shadowy corporation will soon get into the weapons manufacturing business, with its own brand of Blaster, Charger, and Brella. Whether these are designed for general use or Salmon Run only, however, I could not say. There's also reference to a new weapon known as the Squeezer"a semi-auto shooter where one trigger pull equals one ink shot", according to the files.

Perhaps most exciting of all, however, is further suggestion that Octolings might be on their way as playable characters. Sadly, this theory is still mostly based on speculative interpretation of a few in-game parameters (in which "OctBoy" makes an appearance under a value presumed to affect player character models), so all your tentacle-based Splatoon 2 fantasies are still but a pipe dream. Which is probably a relief, given the state of Inkopolis Square right now.

And that's that. Obviously, there's still plenty of time for all of this to bear fruit (or, you know, to remain as barren branches on the big ol' tease tree), given that Nintendo has promised a full year of updates for Splatoon 2. While we wait though, I'd just like to take this moment to say AHAHAHAHA SUCK IT UP TEAM KETCHUP.

Thank you and goodbye.