Modder Brings Life to Witcher 3's Long-Sealed Devil's Pit Cavern

By Matt Wales on at

In yet another one of those moments where we should all raise our hands to the skies and thank mod for what we are about to receive, one enterprising code tinkerer has finally bought life to The Witcher 3's legendarily inaccessible Devil's Pit caverns.

Situated in the Devil's Pit quarry, east of the village of Mulbrydale in Velen, there lies an eternally sealed doorway that has long thwarted curious players. Even a cursory glance at the internet reveals infuriated posts from all the way back in 2015 when The Witcher 3 launched, with exasperated adventurers wondering what secrets lie beyond these curious doors, and how entrance could be gained.

Some nefarious PC players eventually summoned the infernal powers of the mighty 'no clip' command to force the Devil's Pit to finally reveal its secrets. What lay beyond the doorway proved fascinating (and, in some ways, even more infuriating), with cheeky peekers discovering a sprawling, tangling network of tunnels and caverns. As the Witcher 3 wiki explains:

There are lootable and interactable objects in the inaccessible area, such as light sources and a unique cage. Deeper in the caves, there are some peculiar sights, such as two winged statues flanking a tall, wooden door that leads to a wall, a wooden stand holding two horns, and a large, partially-buried stone circle. There are also piles of bodies; some directly below the trapdoor at the centre of the yard, and others scattered throughout the cave.

It's presumed that developer CD Projekt Red had either abandoned this area of the game, or earmarked it for future expansion in one of The Witcher 3's DLC updates.

Time passed, and the doors to Devil's Pit caverns remained steadfastly sealed. Eventually, one talented modder took matters into their own hands, and the results have now surfaced in the form of SkacikPL's Devil's Pit Mod. With the mod installed, visitors to Devil's Pit will finally be able to access the area's infamous caverns, and you can see a few of the secrets they hold in the trailer above.

The expansive Devil's Pit Mod adds an assortment of entertainments to the caves for those with an enquiring mind, including 19 new items, a cooking pot, and a return for fan-favourite NPCs Iorveth and Saskia, last see in The Witcher 2.

It might not be quite what CD Projekt Red had originally envisaged for the area, but The Devil's Pit Mod finally makes one long-confounding corner of Velen a little less mysterious. So thank you, SkacikPL. We explorers salute you.