Depression-Inspired Shooter Promethium Heading to Switch This Year

By Laura Kate Dale on at

Depression can be exceedingly hard to manage, bombarding those affected with a barrage of challenges that – left unchecked – can tear them apart. That's the core concept behind UK indie developer Byron Atkinson-Jones' upcoming shooter Promethium, which aims to mimic the oppressive weight of dealing with depression using the mechanics and stylings of a retro blaster.

Promethium is coming to PC on August 18th 2017, and I can exclusively reveal that the game will also be coming to Nintendo Switch shortly afterwards.

How soon after the PC release? That's still up in the air. Atkinson-Jones is registered as a Switch developer, but says the Switch release timeline depends on how long it takes to work through some of Nintendo's internal developer processes.

Promethium's plot centres on an armada that for some reason decided Earth would be a good place to dump its toxic waste. My guess is it's because we treat our planet like a giant floating landfill anyway. Controlling female pilot Commander Braybrook (perhaps a reference to Paradroid creator Andrew Braybrook?) players are tasked with shooting down turrets and fighters, disabling shields, and eventually sending kill codes to destroy all twenty ships in the oncoming armada. The nature of this threat, and how it comes to envelop the player over the course of the game, is where the wider theme lies. 

You'll be able to send missiles up depression's exhaust ports soon enough on PC – when there's a date for the Switch release, we'll let you know.