It Sounds Like Rockstar is Already Doing Motion Capture Work on GTA6

By Matt Wales on at

News that Grand Theft Auto 6 is a thing that is happening should not come as a surprise. After all, Grand Theft Auto 5 has, to date, sold over 80 million copies, and it doesn't seem to want to leave the charts, no matter how much anyone tells it that it might be time to bugger off and let someone else have a go. News that Grand Theft Auto 6 is a thing that is happening right now, however, might be marginally more unexpected—and also true, if the resume of an actor is to be believed.

As spotted by the beautiful inhabitants of Neogaf, actor Tim Neff has recently added motion capture work done on both Grand Theft Auto 6 and the actually-confirmed-to-be-in-development Red Dead Redemption 2 to his online resume.

That in itself obviously isn't proof of anything—after all, anyone can claim to be anything on the internet. Here, let me demonstrate: I'm a bee! However, Neff's CV claim is somewhat supported by the fact that he posted an Instagram picture from outside of Rockstar San Diego's offices back in February, which at the very least tells us he's been in the area.

"Here we go again! To another good couple of days", reads the caption, followed by more hashtags (including #mocap) than I'm necessarily comfortable with. There's also another shot of the Rockstar office from back in October last year, but you'll need to go through a few pages of nifty cosplay before you get to that.

Of course, given the virtual certainty that Grand Theft Auto 6 was on its way, it's probably no great revelation that development on the game has already begun—after all, you can't just burp out a project of Grand Theft Auto's scale and scope in an afternoon. Still, it's always nice to get confirmation of something you already suspected. Unless you suspected something horrible of course, like the fact that your bestest buddy is convinced he's a bee.