Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster Dev Frontier is Holding its First Ever Expo Later This Year

By Matt Wales on at

Frontier Developments, who you might best know as the studio behind Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster (as well as Zoo Tycoon, Kinect: Disneyland Adventures, Lost Winds, Roller Coast Tycoon, and other stuff from the olden days), has announced that it will be holding its first ever expo in London later this year.

The event, also known as FX2017, will take place on October 7th at Here East, Olympic Park, London, and once you arrive there at Here, Frontier is promising "a day packed with eagerly-anticipated announcements".

Those announcement will apparently include news on the future of Elite Dangerous and Planet Coaster, as well as an exclusive look at Frontier’s next, currently unannounced game. Incidentally, if anyone is listening, I would like that new game to be a sequel to the Jurassic Park management sim, even though I'm fully aware that Frontier didn't make the original.

There's a full schedule of the day's events on the official website—and, if you're interested in attending, tickets will be available from midday Friday July 28th, with some kind of discount for early purchasers. Unfortunately, Frontier won't be talking ticket prices until they go on sale (and I did ask), so for all I know, they could cost anywhere between 1p and a million pounds. Attendees will get a goodie bag though, so that's something.

And with all that pesky news stuff out of the way, I'm going to use the remaining space to tell you a tangentially relevant joke: Q: How many ears does Captain Kirk have? A: Three; a left ear, a right ear, and a final front ear. Thank you very much.