Chester Had a History-Themed Pokémon Go Day, and it Went a Hell of a Lot Better Than Niantic's Event

By Matt Wales on at

While Pokémon Go developer Niantic was busy being generally inept at event organisation over the weekend, with its disastrous Pokémon Go Fest in Chicago, another official Pokémon Go event was occurring, much more successfully, closer to home. On Saturday 23rd and Sunday 24th July, the Chester Heritage Festival made ingenious use of the game to draw crowds to the UK city's numerous historical sites, and it looks like a grand old time was had by everyone in attendance.

For this year's festival, organisers Big Heritage worked with Niantic to dramatically increase the number of PokéStops and Gyms around Chester (giving the city an impressive final tally of more than 200), with almost all of them situated at heritage sites and historical points of interest. Judging by the pictures that have been surfacing across social media, the event (which had the added benefit of actual summer sunshine) was an enormous success.

By all accounts, it was a wonderfully well-organised event, with Big Heritage orchestrating special heritage trials guiding attendees toward key Pokémon Go stops, a "PastPort" stamping system to encourage visitors to explore each heritage site more thoroughly, and a number of in-game treats implemented with the help of Niantic, including increased lures, Legendary raids, and even the opportunity for visitors to nominate future PokéStops in the area. And better yet, unlike at certain other events, people were actually able to play the game!

Fansite PokemonGoHub has a more detailed breakdown of the day's events, while Chester's Pokémon Go Twitter page has gathered together some great shots of the apparently very, very busy occasion. Judging by the images and overwhelming positive comments over on Big Heritage's Facebook page, this was a world away from the bottle-throwing misery of Pokémon Go Fest. The streets are rammed! People are smiling! A wild Lugia appears!

Maybe Niantic should get consider getting Big Heritage to organise next year's Pokémon Go Fest, eh?

Header Image Credit: Pokemon Go Chester