Splatoon 2 Has Some Choice Words For Anyone That Quits out of an Online Match

By Matt Wales on at

Ah, rage-quitting; the bane of modern online gaming. And, it turns out, a problem that not even cuddly, family friendly Nintendo is immune to, despite its attempts to hypnotise us all into benign submission by using all the colours. As such, it's only reasonable that Nintendo would try and tackle the problem head-on in Splatoon 2, its next big online title—and that's exactly what it's doing.

A number of Reddit users (and obviously at least one Twitter user) reported seeing the below comically accusatory message over the weekend during Splatoon 2's Splatfest, having suffered disconnects at the hands of Nintendo's servers.

"Your previous online game didn't end naturally," the message reads, "which is PREEEEETY suspicious. If this keeps happening, we're going to have to block you from playing online for a while. Make sure your Internet isn't busted and try again."

If Nintendo goes through with its promise here, frequently rage-quitters will get more than just a few stern words: they could find themselves on the receiving end of a temporary online ban in Splatoon 2.

Having a system in place to stop Splatoon 2 players flouncing off in a ineptitude-fuelled strop certainly sounds like a positive, but it does raise a few questions: how is Nintendo determining what does and does not constitute an unsavoury disconnect, for starters, and what sort of ban time frame are we talking about here?

If wonky wi-fi can result in a ban, there might be a few concerned people out in the sticks (and secreted away in big old houses with nice thick walls), given that Splatoon 2 is very definitely primarily an online game.

I shall endeavour to find out what Nintendo's plans are here, and report back with any updates. In the meantime, for those with flaky internet particles, I guess there's always the £27 LAN adaptor :/