Five Nights at Freddy's Creator Confirms and Cancels Part 6 in Same Statement

By Matt Wales on at

Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon has been teasing the next game in his phenomenally popular hide-and-spook horror series for the last couple of weeks. With excitement steadily building, Cawthon finally took to Steam over the weekend, officially confirming the existence of Five Nights at Freddy's 6...and then immediately announcing its cancellation.

"For the last month or so I’ve been dropping hints about a new game," explained Cawthon in latest Steam blog post, "and it’s true that I’d been working on one (call it FNaF 6 if you’d like.) But after forcing myself to keep working on it day after day, I realized something-I just don’t want to work on this."

"After giving this a lot of thought," Cawthon continued, "I’ve decided that I’m going to stop working on it. I’m not going to reveal anything else about what the game was, and I’ve asked other people involved to never divulge anything either. It’s just not going to be talked about."

As for the reason behind his decision, Cawthon says that attempting to meet ever-escalating expectations for each new series entry has simply become too stressful: "Each game SHOULD be better than the last! But that pressure starts to mount, and I fear that I've been neglecting other things in my life for the sake of trying to keep up with those mounting expectations."

To that end, Cawthon is stepping away from development on the mainline Five Nights at Freddy's series - for now at least. Instead, he plans to focus on doing "something for fun, and something for the fans," although he hasn't ruled out setting his new project in the Five Nights universe: "Remember Foxy Fighters from Update 2? I loved working on that game. It was a lot of fun, and it took a lot of the pressure off me knowing that it was just for the fans of the games. That’s the kind of project that I'd like to work on again. Maybe I’ll try my hand at a pizzeria tycoon game, who knows."

Of course, even without Cawthon ploughing forward with the core game series, there's still plenty of Five Nights at Freddy's to go around. To date, the franchise has spawned one spin-off game (the troubled Five Nights at Freddy's RPG) a Cawthorn-penned series of novels, a long-in-production movie adaptation, and, of course, all manner of community-made stuff.

"I hope you can respect and understand my decision," Cawthon concludes in his post, "I want to spend more time with my family, and get back to what made me enjoy making games in the first place."