Adorable Wooden Train Set Sim Tracks is Shunting Onto Early Access

By Matt Wales on at

Tracks: The Train Set Game looks utterly delightful. It's a wooden train set simulator designed to transport you back to a simpler time—a time when walls were your crayon canvas, peas were pure evil, and you could poop wherever you liked without having to explain yourself to HR afterward.

Tracks is being developed by the wonderfully named Whoop Group, and features a minimalist art style that perfectly captures the ankle-high magic of those classic Brio sets. As you'd expect, the focus is very much on genteel sandbox tinkering, and you can get a good look at its wholesome building system in the trailer below. Tracks is due to pull into the Steam early access station on September 28th.

As far as I can tell, Tracks won't get a whole lot more complicated than dropping down and decorating tracks with assorted bits of scenery at first—but there's mention of cargo delivery and passenger transportation in the blurb, and you do get to enjoy your creations in first-person from the comfort of your cabin.

Additionally, Whoop is aiming to complement Tracks' core sandbox mode with a more structured, objective-based experience, and will be soliciting suggestions from the community once early access begins. It hopes to offer Steam Workshop support too.

There's a load more information on the developer's Twitter page, and you can play an early demo version of Tracks right now.