Overwatch Crash Logs Point Toward Doomfist's Imminent Arrival

By Matt Wales on at

In Overwatch circles, Doomfist is legend—and, now, after much teasing from Blizzard, it appears that the fancy-fisted hero may soon be ready to make his long-awaited debut. That's what the recent discovery of tantalising new Overwatch error logs seem to suggest at any rate.

For those not up to speed on their Overwatch mythology, Doomfist is the moniker given to anyone that wields the mighty Doomfist gauntlet on their arm. That gauntlet, and its most recent bearers—The Saviour, The Scourge, and the Successor—have been immortalised on Overwatch's Numbani map since day one.

Recently, however, Blizzard made some cosmetic tweaks to the map which show the aftermath of the gauntlet's theft, implying, fans have assumed, that a new Doomfist is poised to take centre stage soon. That theory gained further credence over the weekend, thanks to those aforementioned error logs.

The error logs were discovered by Overwatch forum poster Bax42 while attempting to submit a crash report for the game's current PC Public Test Realms release. All the fuss stems from the fact that the generated logs explicitly refer to the current PTR (ie. work-in-progress) build as " Doomfist / Summer Games"—or rather, did until Blizzard got wind of all this malarky and removed the rather-too-revealing phrase.

As for when Doomfist might make an appearance, the community is looking toward the second half of the patch name for further clues.

Summer Games is the seasonal Overwatch event that debuted in August last year. With the error log suggesting that Summer Games and Doomfist will be part of the same update, most players are happy to speculate that Doomfist will arrive alongside summer event over the next few months.

As ever though, only Blizzard knows for sure.