Blizzard is Reducing the Number of Duplicates You'll Get in Hearthstone Card Packs

By Matt Wales on at

Blizzard just can't stop itself from fiddling with things. Overnight, the the company announced that it's been tinkering with Overwatch's loot boxes in a bid to stop you from getting too many duplicates, and now it's revealed that similar clone-ophobic steps are being taken with its premier card cavorting game Hearthstone.

From Hearthstone's as-yet-unknown expansion onward, Blizzard will be making changes to the way that the game's Card Packs work. Firstly, any Legendary card (that is, Hearthstone's rarest card type) that you open is guaranteed to be one that you don't already own. Additionally, you'll always get a Legendary card within your first ten Card Packs of a new set.

There are smaller, but no less welcome changes being made to the distribution of other card types too. Blizzard is promising that a Card Pack will no longer give you more of the same Common, Rare, or Epic card than you can use in a single deck.

All these changes, says Blizzard, are designed to make opening Card Packs consistently more exciting. Similar to the way I like to hide bees in cereal boxes, I guess.