Monster Hunter: World is Aiming For 30fps on Consoles, But the PC Version May Run Faster

By David Meikleham on at

Despite Monster Hunter: World popping up during PlayStation's E3 conference - giving us a welcome, breezy break from all those dreary Last of Us wannabes - Capcom's upcoming dino-slayer isn't actually a PS4 exclusive. It's also coming out on Xbox One and PC, and while the console versions look like they'll run at 30 frames per second, that may not be the case for the PC port.

The issue was first raised when a Capcom community manager tweeted Monster Hunter: World would be "targeting a stable 30fps across all platforms". After doing a little digging, PC Gamer has managed to clarify whether this is a suggestion the PC version could have a framerate cap in place. A Capcom rep has now told the site, "The comments regarding framerate we've shared publicly apply to the Xbox One and PS4 versions," which would seem to leave the door open for the PC edition having an unlocked framerate.

Whether the action-RPG runs at 30fps or 60fps, the fact Monster Hunter: World is coming to a rig near you in the first place is cause for celebration - this is the first time a proper entry in the series has appeared on PC.

Personally, I thought World's E3 trailer was terrific. I've always flirted with the idea of getting into Monster Hunter, but up until now the janky animations always put me off. That behemoth-bashing PS4 footage seems to be super smooth though - the hookshot looks all sorts of rad - so methinks I'll be picking up World when it launches at some point in 2018.