Keiji Inafune Opens A New Studio With Level-5

By Brian Ashcraft on at

Keiji Inafune of Dead Rising fame and Akihiro Hino of Professor Layton fame have established a new company called Level-5 Comcept. This subsidiary is completely owned by Level-5.

Comcept is the name of Inafune’s earlier company, which launched the rocky Mighty No. 9 and oversaw a failed Red Ash Kickstarter campaign. The studio, however, did release ReCore last year.

According to the official release, Level-5 Comcept was established this month, and it will be based in Osaka. Akihiro Hino is the CEO, while Inafune is the CCO. The studio will made games and apps, and its first title is called Dragon & Colonies for Android and iOS.

The free-to-play app is slated for a 2018 release in Japan.