A Game About Throwing Empty Plates at Your Enemies in a Sushi Restaurant

By Julian Benson on at

We've all been there, someone across the conveyor belt at Yo! Sushi has made eyes at you and things are about to kick off. You grab as many plates as you can from the belt — colour coordinated, of course — and toss them at your foe. The bigger the stack the more damage it does and the sooner you put them in their place.

Well, that common day situation has now been turned into a game for the 3DS called Sushi Striker:

The way it works is you drag out rows of same-coloured plates on the bottom screen with your stylus, the larger the stack you collect the higher its damage modifier, and then you can fling these at your enemy to bring down their health. The game looks smashing and just plain silly.

Sushi Striker is due for a release in 2018.