Tyranny: Bastard's Wounds Brings a Refugee Crisis to Obsidian's RPG

By Julian Benson on at

Obsidian's RPG Tyranny, which dropped you into a world where evil had won its war against good and you had helped lead its armies, is going to be expanded next year with Bastard's Wound, a new storyline for the vast game.

Bastard's Wound is a settlement established in secret as a refuge for those unsettled by the war. The settlement has been discovered by the evil overlord you serve and it's on you to decide what is to be done with all of its refugees.

It's a grim setup and one that's surely been influenced by the stories that have filled the news since the migrant crisis began.

The expansions will bring with it new companions that can join your party and a tonne of new quests.

Apparently, the expansion will also launch with a free update for Tyranny that includes new voice acting and expands the content in the third act, adding a new ending. That's all set to release next year but along with the announcement of Bastard's Wound also brought news of a DLC release for Tyranny that's available now: Tales from the Tiers. It's a new event pack that adds 40 new vignettes to fill out the game world. That's available to buy through Steam.