Insurgency: Sandstorm Puts You in the Middle of a Desert War

By Julian Benson on at

The last Insurgency was a strictly multiplayer affair but its sequel will feature a four-player co-op campaign where you're part of a team of misfits travelling across conflict areas in the Middle East.

Each of the four fighters finds themselves in the region for different reasons, one of the characters is a native to the region who has joined a group caught between an insurgency and the US Army. Another is a US Army veteran who has returned to the region to fight as a volunteer soldier.

When I spoke with the developers from New World Interactive back in February, they told me how another major character would be a photojournalist embedded in the region, trying to cover both sides of the conflict. Much of the game will have you placed in that difficult position where your group is in danger because it isn't allied to either side in a conflict that is raging across the country.

This is only a cinematic trailer rather than in-game footage and my conversation with the developers earlier this year was without any accompanying build of the game, but the ideas on show could lead New World to make a very different kind of war game.