Every Trailer Revealed at E3 2017

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By Julian Benson and Matt Wales

E3 has barely begun and we’ve already had six conferences and a Nintendo Direct, all of them full of game reveals and updates on games we first heard about at conferences past. While we wait for the dust to settle, Matt and I have collected together all the trailers released so far so if you’ve missed the shows you can get a look at everything that was shown off.

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If you read them in order, you can track the progressive damage of sleep deprivation.

EA kicked things off the conferences on Saturday evening. The team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons revealed their new game A Way Out with an announcement trailer:

The team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons revealed their new game A Way Out with an announcement trailer:

And some in-game footage:

You can read more about it here.

We were shocked to learn that EA is making another FIFA. The publisher showed off both an in-game trailer:

And revealed that the story mode of FIFA 17 will continue with you in the boots of Alex Hunter:

The upcoming Star Wars Battlefront is making waves for including a single player campaign, something missing from the last game, so of course, EA chose to show off the game's multiplayer:

Bioware revealed a luscious looking multiplayer shooter called Anthem, first with a teaser:

And then a nice chunk of in-game footage:

If you like your football American, EA also showed off Madden 18, which now also has a story mode:

And, if you like your balls bouncy, there was also an NBA Live trailer, too:

Battlefield 1 only had a brief showing at E3 this year, just enough to show that the Russians are coming in the In The Name Of The Tsar expansion:

Need for Speed did its best Fast and the Furious impression in its in-game trailer for Need For Speed Payback:

Not a game trailer, but Xbox released this fancy video for the Xbox One X premiere:

If you're looking for a more serious racing game than Need For Speed Payback, then you may want to take a look at Forza Motorsport 7. The cars now rattle, apparently:

4A Games revealed that it is once again making a Metro game, this time showing off more of the overland of the nuclear-bombed Russia:

Microsoft revealed that Playunknown’s Battlegrounds is coming to Xbox One:

And, during the PC Gaming Show, we got a glimpse of some of the coming features for the mega-popular battle royale game:

Ubisoft finally spoke up about one of the worst-kept secrets in gaming, revealing Assassin's Creed Origins:

There was also a chunk if in-game footage:

Ubisoft only had a slim trailer for its own conference:

Coffee Stain, the team behind Goat Simulator and Sanctum, showed off their co-op shooter, Deep Rock Galactic, where four players mine for minerals and fight off hordes of aliens:

Microsoft showed off State of Decay 2, which looks like a much grander game than what was originally released on Xbox 360:

Another new game from Microsoft was The Darwin Project, a battle royale game with an infusion of Team Fortress 2:

Minecraft only got a brief look-in at the Microsoft conference, but it revealed a great new feature: cross-platform play between most platforms:

Black Desert, a pretty MMO that's been picking up attention on PC, had a trailer revealing it was making the jump to Xbox One:

Everyone's socks were blown off collectively by the gorgeous, Blade Runner-like The Last Night:

As well as the reveal trailer, there was some in-game footage released, too:

The reveal was dampened somewhat by a the news that The Last Night's director has published anti-feminist views in the past, though he apologised for these on stage at the PC Gaming Show.

There was also a trailer for The Artful Escape, a game that looks like a lost record sleeve for a prog rock album:

Rare's Sea of Thieves showed a delightful chunk of in-game footage during the Microsoft press conference:

Tacoma, the game from Fullbright, makers of Gone Home, finally got a release date:

Lucky's Tale, the cute platformer that launched on Oculus Rift, is coming to Xbox One:

After a long hiatus, we saw some more of Crackdown 3:

The long in development Cuphead also got a release date:

There was a nice little montage of ID@Xbox games:

A new game called Ashen was revealed:

The sequel to Ori and The Blind Forest, Ori and the Will of the Wisps, looks sumptuous — as you might expect:

The new Life is Strange got a look in:

If you like your fighting games Dragon Ball Z-flavoured then you should take a look at DRAGON BALL FighterZ:

And what would a roundup be without a roundup of the trailers in the roundup?

If you've a device that can display 4K then you'll want to look at this:

Also on the hardware front, here is a trailer for a new Xbox controller:

There were so many trailers posted this year that we've had to split them up into multiple posts because they kept crashing the website. For the rest you'll want to follow these links: