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E3 has barely begun and we’ve already had six conferences and a Nintendo Direct, all of them full of game reveals and updates on games we first heard about at conferences past. While we wait for the dust to settle, Matt and I have collected together all the trailers released so far so if you’ve missed the shows you can get a look at everything that was shown off.

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The first time we published this feature there were so many trailers that it crashed the site, we've now split it up by conferences. You can find links to the other parts at the bottom of this post.

Sony was a busy bee this year, spreading its announcements all over the place, both onstage during its main PlayStation event, and during its various behind-the-scenes shows.

Uncharted spin-off The Lost Legacy is looking as pretty, and as blockbuster-action-packed as you’d expect from Naughty Dog:

As is the next God of War for the matter, even if this does turn out to be the Adventures in Babysitting game that literally no-one ever asked for (although, now that I think about it…)

Meanwhile, Horizon Zero Dawn is feeling a bit of the nip in the air, thanks to frosty upcoming DLC The Frozen Wilds:

Days Gone, the wilderness zombie survival adventure that we first saw at last year’s E3, came back to grace us with another chunk of post-apocalyptic cavorting. Those heaving swarms of zombies still look as creepy as hell too:

Sony also gave us a proper look at two exclusive games that it had hitherto only teased. First there was David Cage’s latest cinematic adventure, Detroit: Become Human:

And then the really-rather-wonderful-looking Marvel’s Spider-Man, which seems like a return to Spidey’s PS2 heyday in all the right ways:

Now this was a surprise. Team Ico’s seminal Shadow of the Colossus is getting another remaster, this time on PS4. It’s not just an up-rezzed affair, either. It’s been tweaked so much that it’s barely recognisable at times.

And another surprise: after years of swanning around exclusively on Nintendo consoles, Monster Hunter is branching out. Monster Hunter World, as the new game is called, is coming to PS4, Xbox One and PC, and sounds like it’ll shake up the classic formula quite a bit too, with a new XP system, seamless online play and an expansive open world. It looks gorgeous too:

Call of Duty: WW2 is another cross-platform game that putting in a serious showing at Sony’s PlayStation event, this time in the form of the first multiplayer reveal:

And if it’s more frenzied shooting action you want, don’t forget about Destiny 2 - which, it seems, is getting a couple of bonuses exclusive to PlayStation 4:

Sony was also, unsurprisingly, keen to toot its VR horn. Probably a blessed relief for those PSVR owners wondering what to do with it next. First on the list is a frankly bizarre virtual reality fishing experience for Final Fantasy XV, known as Monster of the Deep:

Then there’s the creepy VR thriller The Inpatient, which is the next project from Until Dawn developer Supermassive Games:

There was a trailer of Shadow Complex-like Matterfall:

Extinction got a lot of love, with an announce trailer:

And a walkthrough:

VR game No Heroes Allowed looks very strange. You play a god of destruction trying to conquer the world:

If you like your fighting games superhero-themed then Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite has you covered. Check out its cinematic trailer

And in-game trailer:

It wouldn't be PlayStation without a little Crash Bandicoot. Here's a new video of the N. Sane Trilogy:

And, everybody's favourite, Knack 2 got a look in:

Star Child is another game revealed for the PSVR:

Level-5's charming RPG Ni no Kumi 2: Revenant Kingdom got a new trailer and a release date:

Dead Alliance, a new shooter, has you control a zombie army to fight your way to freedom:

Moss is a lovely looking platformer for PSVR where you control a wee mouse armed with a sword:

It's been delayed into 2018 but Ace Combat 7: Skies Unknown is looking gripping:

Looking to games like Werewolves and Two Rooms and a Boom, Hidden Agenda is a game from the makers of Until Dawn that has players working together to play a game but each has a secret motive that affects how they play:

From the makers of Sniper Elite, Strange Brigade's latest trailer showed off the four-player co-op shooter:

Gran Turismo Sport didn't appear in Sony's conference but it had three trailers appear in the YouTube channel. A new trailer:

A studio tour:

And a video that goes behind the game's theme music:

There was also two videos for Everybody’s Golf, a trailer:

And an video on updates coming to the series:

Bravo Team for PS VR is another game from the makers of Until Dawn, they're working on loads it seems:

There were so many trailers posted this year that we've had to split them up into multiple posts because they kept crashing the website. For the rest you'll want to follow these links: