Here's a Look at XCOM 2 Expansion, War of the Chosen

By Matt Wales on at

Well we knew it was on its way, but now, thanks to this year's PC Gaming Show at E3, we've seen XCOM 2's upcoming expansion, War of the Chosen, in action.

It's supposedly the biggest XCOM expansion to date - twice the size of previous offerings - and features a major new threat. The Chosen, as they're called, are the ultimate enemies of XCOM, three champions of three different alien armies. Each has a distinct fight style and personality, and learns new skills and abilities as the game progresses.

There's the Assassin, who values duty and honour, and who specialises in close quarters combat, vanishing from sight and getting in close to use her blade. Then there's the Hunter, a long-range sniper, and the Warlock who, we're told, is a... warlock.

In War of the Chosen, XCOM isn't the only alien resistance on earth. There are three more groups, all of which you can eventually recruit to your cause. This lets you access three new solider types: Reapers, who are able marksman, alien army defectors known as Skirmishers, and the mysterious psionic Templars.

One key new enemy this time around is The Lost, huge swarms of the undead that are drawn to the sounds of combat, and never stop coming. Crucially, the Lost hate aliens too, so once they show up in a battle, it's basically a free-for-all.

War of the Chosen is out on August 29th on PC, Xbox One and PS4.