Finally, That Damn Rabbids/Mario Game is Officially Revealed

By Matt Wales on at

So that Mario-Rabbids crossover we've been hearing about for the last forever has finally had an official reveal at Ubisoft's E3 stage show. It's called Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and Mr Miyamoto himself came onstage to present it (replete with Bullet Bill arm-cannon).

Mario & Rabbids Kingdom Battle, according to Miyamoto, is a type of Mario game that's "never been made before". That, it turns out, equates to an XCOM-like tactical adventure game in which the classic Mario posse join forces with, and occassionally face-off against, those cheeky Rabbids.

In Kingdom Battle, the Rabbids have been teleported into Mario's homeland, unwittingly causing chaos as they're wont to do. As ever, it's up to the moustachioed one (and a hilarious team of Rabbid-ised Mario characters) to save the day.

Throughout the glorious-looking adventure, the action switches between exploration mode and turn-based combat, the latter of which is pretty much Mario XCOM, right down to the cover mechanic.

Quite surprisingly, it looks like great fun, and a brilliant use of the two franchises. You can see more in the trailers dotted around this page.