Far Cry 5 Trailer Takes Aim at Twisted Fundamentalists

By Julian Benson on at

Ubisoft's E3 trailer for Far Cry 5 takes aim at Christian fundamentalists, opening on a church full of tooled-up worshippers singing Amazing Grace.

The radical cult has taken over the town, locked off the roads, knocked down the phone towers and cut the lines, it's on you and your guns for hire to take back the town of Hope Springs.

The important thing about the in-game footage Ubisoft showed off is that you have a dog. The dog is confirmed.

Hope Springs looks like a pretty desolate place, people are being executed in the streets and being beaten until they confess their sins.

You're not fighting along in the game, you're joined by AI companions, like a sniper, your dog (Boomer), and a pilot. All of whome can be played by your friends in co-op.