Everything that Happened at the PC Gaming Show

By Julian Benson on at

After all the excitement of the weekend just gone, it's time to settle in for the most laid-back of E3 conferences, the PC Gaming Show. We've got three hours of news ahead, presumably concerning texture updates and early access releases, so you're going to want to get yourself comfy.

The stream kicks off with an ode to PCs, accompanied by pictures of the inside of one of the computer-y beasts. It's very folksy.

Now onto the good stuff, a new XCOM 2 expansion, War of the Chosen.

Jake Solomon, creative director on the XCOM series, explains that the Chosen of the title are the new enemies in XCOM. They're three champions of three alien armies: the assassin, hunter, and warlock. You'll have to fight each faction multiple times over the campaign, and each time they'll be stronger and more skilled than before.

There are multiple XCOM factions, too, each of which you can bring under your command throughout the game.

Confusing matters further is a group called The Lost, a horde of mindless zombies, that have a hatred of both humans and aliens, meaning that these will cause havoc when they appear. We even got a release date, too, August 29th.

This is a good start, already the deepest dive into a new game that's been on the PC Gaming Show before.

We move swiftly onto this gorgeous trailer for Ooblets, a game that looks a cross between Viva Pinata and Stardew Valley:

After that pretty, pretty trailer, Jordan Weisman the creator of Battletech — the tabletop game that became the base of Mechwarrior — comes on-stage to talk about his turn-based Battletech strategy game. I am so ready for that game, it looks beautiful.

More good stuff: a new trailer Mount & Blade: Bannerlord, the open-world RPG that sees you start as a nobody and rise to the top of an army that can wage wars, besiege castles, and control lands.

No time to rest; we're onto Total War: Warhammer 2 and some in-game footage of the beautiful grand strategy game. Only a short grab of in-game footage but it did look pretty, with lizardmen and high elves going toe-to-toe in a tropical jungle.

We covered this earlier on the site but there was also the news of the game's September 28th release date.

Things slow down for just a minute now, for news on the card game Shadowverse. It's getting a new expansion called Wonderland Dreams. Yay, I guess?

And now for the obligatory hardware talk. A man from Intel comes on stage to talk about 'i7's this and 'overclocking' that. He said 'Multi-core' at least once, which just makes me think of the The Fifth Element whenever I hear it:

Tech man is wrapping up now and saying something about Destiny 2.

A man with a very large beard is on the stage saying that Destiny 2 can take advantage of all of Intel's multi-cores (Multi Pass).

Apparently, Destiny can run in 4K and with all the frames on PC.

Intel man is back on and now talking about e-sports. I'm not sure I can go on. He's said 'Grandslam' at least ten times.

It's okay, come back. We're not back onto the games with a trailer for a really cute looking fox in a magical forest thing called Tunic:

Mr Playerunknown himself is on stage now, talking about future updates to his battle royale shooter... You're going to be able to climb on walls. This is the kind of hard-hitting news that gets my blood pumping. All over, if you know what I mean.

There are also new maps and weather effects coming which will change the dynamics of the game quite a bit. One map is set in Peru and another is based on the Adriatic, and all of them will see weather fronts move in that significantly alter play. If you're a sniper, for instance, fog will mean you'll have to switch up your tactics to cut down unsuspecting players.

Tripwire Interactive is here now, showing off Killing Floor 2's Summer Sideshow, its first seasonal event. It features a new map set in a carnival and a tonne of grim clown-themed zombies for you to flee from. Pukey the Clown looks particularly vile.

In a surprise announcement, the update will be free and is available tomorrow.

A Microsoft man comes onto the stage to talk about Forza Motorsport 7. Apparently, it will have over 700 cars, all of which will rattle.

Next, the creator of The Last Night takes to the stage to show off his Blade Runner-esque platformer. It's a very pretty game, and sounds like it'll play out as a kind of real-time point-and-click-style puzzler.

There's an odd moment on stage when the game's creative director acknowledges - and apologises for - some tweets he's written in the past that people were sharing last night, in which he said The Last Night is set in a world where "modern feminism" won:

Soret off the stage, the conversation moves to Ylands, a new game from Bohemia Interactive. It's a sandbox game where you can build scenes which players can then dive into online. Some of the scenes shown off in the trailer were a castaway washed up on a desert island, a medieval castle siege, and a race in 19th-century cars.

It all looked fun but it's hard to connect what Bohemia is saying you can do and how you will actually be able to make it in the game.

Next up is a new game from Klei. It's only a tease but Grift Lands is a sci-fi RPG that's coming out next year:

Cliff "Gears of War" Bleszinski appears next to announce that his shooter Lawbreakers is out on August 8th. I played it back in 2016 and it's a lovely return to Unreal Tournament-style arena shooting.

There's no time to rest though; next, Chucklefish, the studio that makes lovely pixel art games, shows off its upcoming strategy game Wargroove. The map editor looks particularly neat.

Wargroove now away, a man working on Middle-Earth: Shadow of War appears to introduce The Blade of Galadriel, the first story DLC planned for the upcoming game.

Finally, there's some big news to round things off: Age of Empires is being remastered and updated to become Age of Empires: Definitive Edition. It will be running in 4K, has an updated UI, and every single asset has been redrawn to look even more snazzy.

That's definitely been the best of the PC Gaming Shows so far, with lots of reveals and a few chats with developers that actually explained how the games would work. Plus, new Klei game, that's always going to get by blood pumping.