Everything that Happened at EA's Conference

By Julian Benson on at

EA's kicked off E3 this year with a drum line because, fuck it, why not.

EA started things with its new Madden game, the big change seeming to be that it's lifted the Journey from FIFA 2017, the single player story mode:

Andrew Wilson, EA's resident corporate super-villain impersonator, took to the stage to tell us about #content, #newIP, and #sharing. Okay, that's a little down on EA - they also showed off 30 minutes of Battlefront 2, and here's how the whole thing played out.

After a quick introduction, we also got a look at their command centre, which, to my mind, looks a lot like the room where Trump touched the orb back in May:

The first game of the show: Battlefield 1. After a video of very excited streamers, we close in on a calmly spoken American telling us that they're bringing in "the iconic women's battalion of death". It was faintly terrifying. On the plus side, we get some gorgeous footage of the new update In The Name of the Tsar:

After a #heartwarming video about esports players overcoming the odds to be the best virtual sportsmen, the conversation moves to FIFA 18... delivered by two guys called the Men in Blazers:

EA throws its money at the screen by getting a tonne of footballers and commentators to talk about Alex Hunter, the protagonist in last year's FIFA 2017 story mode, as though he was a real player. They even had Cristiano Ronaldo in there. The Journey returns in FIFA 18 and you're back in Hunter's boots.

Marcus Nillson, the executive producer on Need For Speed Payback, comes on next to talk about his new game. It was revealed last week with a cinematic trailer and today's new footage shows off the the same mission in-game. It looks very much to scratch the Burnout itch:

EA is also pushing its Indie initiative again, though this year it's going much bigger than it's been before. This time, it's hired the team behind Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons and their new title is A Way Out, a co-op game that sees you playing two characters trying to break out of prison.

In Rich's words, "it looks baller":

EA isn't talking about it properly until Microsoft's conference tomorrow, but we were teased a new game from Bioware called Anthem. The tease was brief but, to my sleep-starved eyes, it looked tantalisingly good.

Now we're cooking with space gas: it's Star Wars Battlefront 2. Although EA teases more of the single-player campaign, the focus is on multiplayer mode, with the first reveal of actual in-game footage of a 20-v-20 match Naturally, EA has brought back everyone's favourite part of the Star War's universe: the prequels. They did at least blow up Naboo:

The footage shows off a droid assault on the Naboo capital, trying to take the city from the clone army. You can see the video in full over here.

Honestly, it looks very pretty but it's not left me too excited. After all the talk of a single-player mode, it seems like a bit of a misstep to then spend 20 minutes showing off multiplayer instead. Especially when the multiplayer is Naboo.

And with the end of the multiplayer demo, that's the end of the show. A surprisingly slim one in the end. I'm sure we'll see more of the games over the next week - we already know about Anthem turning up in Microsoft's show tomorrow - and I wouldn't be surprised if the sports games make an appearance on Scorpio too.