Order Of Battle: World War II: The Kotaku Review

By Luke Plunkett on at

You might remember that back in 2015 I reviewed a game called Order of Battle: Pacific, and liked it a lot. In the months and years since, developers The Aristocrats have been working on a bunch of new campaigns that take the game well past its original scope, incorporating battles ranging from the Chinese countryside to the North Atlantic.

Rather than selling these as all-new games, or as expansions to an initial core purchase, Order of Battle has instead hit the reset button, stripping the old Pacific campaigns from the game and giving just the front menu and tutorial away for free as a platform called Order of Battle: World War II. Players can then buy all the actual campaigns individually and bolt them on. It’s similar to regular expansions or DLC in a lot of ways, I know, but also a little different in that you’re free to pick and choose every campaign you play, not just those coming after the first purchase. If you’ve no interest in the war with Japan, for example, you don’t have to buy the US Pacific missions first, you can just jump straight into the march on Moscow.