Members of the Games Industry Respond to Testology Founder's Call to "Get Rid of Every Muslim"

By Julian Benson on at

Over the weekend Andy Robson, owner and founder of Testology, a quality assurance company used by many studios in the games industry, posted a message on Facebook stating "the only way to stop terrorist attacks is to get rid of every Muslim in this country and send them back to where they came from.”

I wrote about this yesterday and Robson issued a response, saying "it seems my comments may have been misinterpreted by some people and caused offence. I am so sorry to anyone who was offended by my words."

Since the story went live there have been many responses from members of the games industry, including former clients of Testology.

Vlambeer co-founder Rami Ismail wrote a line by line response to Robson's second statement — which, with permission, we have reposted — explaining why it wasn't an apology. He also said that he had been made aware of Robson's initial Facebook post earlier in the week by a Muslim developer and that this was something that happened regularly and recently with an increasing frequency:

You can read further comments from Ismail over at

Former clients of Testology also responded, most explicitly, Rebellion, the studio behind games such as the Sniper Elite series and Battlezone VR. It tweeted earlier this morning that it condemned the comments made by Robson and that it would no longer be working with the company:

Another client to condemn Robson's statements was Double Eleven:

Since the story went live Testology has taken down its client page.

UKIE, the industry body representing the interests of developers within the UK, also tweeted a statement:

Separately, Shahid Kamal Ahmad, formerly head of the strategic content division at Sony here in the UK and now an independent developer working on games for PlayStation VR, shared the story and talked at length about facing Islamophobia in the UK.

This is an extract of his comments:

I urge you to read his full remarks that are posted in reply to the tweet above, about how a growing fear of Islam has had an impact on his life, that every time there is a fanatical attack performed in the name of Islam Muslims everywhere are treated with fear and caution.

Callum Underwood, senior developer strategy at Oculus, put out a call offering staff at Testology help finding jobs at other companies:

I will be updating this post with further comments from developers as they appear.