Metal Gear Solid Casino Royale Mashup Should Have Way More Views

By Julian Benson on at

The opening of Snake Eater is one long love letter to James Bond, with the prologue even ending with a 3-minute long stylish intro video set to a musical number. Back in 2013, a fan took the intro of Casino Royale and incorporated Snake Eater into it. If there was a family tree of this incestuous coupling it would look like a double helix.

Although the video is now three years old, it has had nowhere near the views it should have. Metal Gear fans should be crawling over one another to watch this:

For reference, here's the original Casino Royale intro with Chris Cornell's music:

And this is what Snake Eater's Bond-inspired intro was like:

I'm not going to make a grand proclamation and say all games should have musical intros, but, c'mon games industry, just a couple more would be much appreciated.