Chinese Overwatch Clone Has Some Giant Balls

By Luke Plunkett on at

The Chinese market is no stranger to brazen rip-offs of popular Western games, but even taking that into account this Overwatch clone is something else.

Spotted by ponpo and called Hero Mission, it’s a mobile shooter that is basically Overwatch, only for a phone, and with the slightest of design edits (most lifted from Overwatch, some stolen from other properties like Mad Max and Star Wars).

From the music to the menus to the level design, please enjoy:

In case you need to be sure just how close these character designs are to the originals, let’s take a better look at them:

Here’s Soldier 76 x Ana

In case you couldn’t tell from the purple, spider and prominent ass, this is Widowmaker.

Immortan Roadhog. He even has the hook.

Chinese D.Va

I had to check if this was just a copy/paste job of an existing Reinhardt skin.

I think this guy is Zarya? My confusion would easily make him the most original character in the game.

Mercy’s clone is so lazy they didn’t even bother changing the face, hair or wings. Though they did manage to remove her pants.

If Genji spent his spare time arguing about PC hardware on Reddit.

If Hanzo was Sephiroth.

Winston is now a panda.

White Lucio’s music tastes look Eurotrashy

And finally, half-naked McCree

Just like Overwatch, there are a bunch of skins available. To the game’s credit, some of them look OK, incorporating unique designs that pay homage to famous Chinese characters/stories, or just look cool in their own right.

Others, though, are just more stolen shit.

Execute Order 76

The Winston x Panda guy manages to steal from both World of Warcraft and Kung Fu Panda on the same menu screen.

Meanwhile the Genji dude’s skins feature both Assassin’s Creed and Rambo cameos.

Given Overwatch’s popularity, this isn’t the first time a Chinese studio has done this, and it likely won’t be the last either, despite Blizzard’s game having a massive and official release in the Chinese market.

If you want to have a closer look at the official source, the game’s site is here.