Hugh Jackman cut off by Real-Life Mario Kart on the Streets of Tokyo

By Julian Benson on at

Hugh 'Made of Muscles' Jackman has spent the past week in Japan promoting the latest X-Men film, Logan. While travelling through Tokyo the Wolverine actor was overtaken by a phalanx of real-life Mario Kart drivers:

People are dressing up as characters from Mario Kart and taking to the streets in 50cc go karts.

This isn't the first time people have parodied Mario Kart in real cities, but rather than a couple of people getting together and doing this off their own bat, it's been organised by a company called Maricar.

Maricar hasn't only been making the news for bringing joy to the streets of Tokyo, however, as back in March The Mainichi reported that a South Korean tourist driving one of the company's karts went off the road and crashed into an unmanned police box. No one was hurt, thankfully, but it does show that a business that puts people in go-karts on busy city streets with no training may not be the most sensible idea.

That's not the only trouble the company has got itself into because it's also not an officially licensed event and Nintendo is now suing Maricar for using its characters.

According to Nintendo spokesman Kenichi Sugimoto, who spoke to the New York Times, Nintendo had warned the company before filing a suit but it "did not receive a good-faith answer."