The 1,000 Gamemakers Thread is a Joyful Depository of Small, Strange, and Brilliant Games

By Matt Wales on at

Steve Cook, better known as @moshboy on Twitter, is a man with a mission; and that mission is to expose the world's most unloved, unnoticed, usually weird, invariably wonderful, and always tiny, games to as many people as possible.

Cook's first major project was the Pirate Bay Bundle back in 2014, a collection of 101 "small, weird (mostly ignored)" video games from a vast assortment of developers. There are games made at game jams, games made just because, games made by celebrated creators and some from complete unknowns. It's still available to download and completely free.

A second Pirate Bay Bundle will likely come about "at some point in the future", but right now Cook is busy on another equally ambitious project based around his passion for tiny video games. That project—the 1,000 gamemakers thread—is an attempt by Cook to gather together 1,000 different makers of alternative non-commercial PC games for another collection positioned as the Pirate Bay Bundle's spiritual successor. And the work is almost complete!

If you've even a passing interest in the stranger, smaller, more experimental, side of gaming, then the 1,000 gamemakers thread is a fascinating read. It lives entirely on Twitter, with each post showcasing a new game creator and their work.

There's a tantalising animated GIF for each entry (because it's a proven fact that even the most well-disciplined human beings are unable to resist the call of the animated GIF), and a handy link enabling you to learn more about each creator. It's a wonderful little adventure of discovery, and highly worth bookmarking for a leisurely browse with your next cup of tea. In the meantime, I've posted a tiny selection below.