Pokémon's Much-Maligned Magikarp Just Got its Own Mobile Game

By Matt Wales on at

Poor old Magikarp—the butt of cruel jokes in Pokémon-obsessed playgrounds for generations; even if they were mostly made by kids that hadn't taken the time to raise the eternally beached splat of perpetual uselessness into something a little more fearsome. Now though, it's finally Magikarp's time to shine, following news that the soggy one is getting its own mobile game.

Magikarp Jump is (shiver) a free-to-play game, out now for iOS and Android devices, that pits your beloved Magikarp against its fishy brethren in ferocious karp-on-karp leaping battles. By training your Magikarp everyday—mostly, it seems, through a variety of micro-games—you'll be able to make it stronger, until it's able to jump higher than a Magikarp has ever jumped before.

I've given it a quick whirl and it's cute, slick and completely ridiculous. Sadly you don't have direct control over Magikarp (he just shoots into the air during battles, and you either win or you don't), but you do, unsurprisingly, get to purchase micro-transactions; the in-game shop lets you spend real money—up to an absolute maximum of around £70, interestingly—to speed up training, replenish food stock, and catch more Magikarp.

You can also purchase decor to customise your Magikarp’s habitat. And given than I'm a sucker for any game that lets me decorate the shit out of stuff, I am of course immediately on board. Nice work, Po-Com.