Hitman Developer IO Interactive Announces Studio Changes and Staff Departures

By Matt Wales on at

Following the news earlier this month that Square Enix and Hitman developer IO Interactive had parted ways, IO has today announced "changes to our studio" that appear to have resulted in the departure of a number of team members.

"Today at IOI", the statement posted to IO's Twitter page reads, "we had to make some changes to our studio, which will allow us to be better equipped for our further adventures. We're sad that great talent and good friends will be leaving the studio. We are doing everything possible to look after everyone affected. Thank you for your support and understanding."

IO Interactive originally fell under Square Enix's wing when the publisher took over Eidos Interactive in 2009. However, the recent decision to split was made, according to Square, “to maximise player satisfaction as well as market potential going forward”. At the time, the publisher stated that it had begun discussions with potential new investors, although "there can be no guarantees that the negotiations will be concluded successfully."

We've contacted IO for comment, and will update this post if we hear back.